Kathy’s Journey- Spiritual and Physical #3

September 27, 2010

Well, tonight is a happy night for me…for what reason?  Just because I’m feeling pretty good physically and emotionally.  Being chronically ill is not an easy thing to do…I really wouldn’t wish it on an enemy.  Not only has it been taxing on me physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  It’s like going through the grieving process repeatedly.  You deny, you get angry, you have pain, you get depressed, you start feeling better and accept it…then it starts over 🙂  And yes, I had to look those up-I didn’t just remember them!  LOL!

Anyway, if I don’t post many updates, that usually means I’m feeling down, because I like to post funny, upbeat things on facebook.  NOBODY wants to listen to other people’s whining-including me.  An occasional vent is fine, but some people only post negative stuff, and that’s just downright annoying.  If that statement bothers you, then you are the negative poster I’m talking about. 😛

Earl had staff duty yesterday from 0830 until this morning and then had to stay at work all day, so I went back to being in charge of all the kids for a day.  It reminded me of how grateful I am for Earl.  He and I are such a team, and sometimes you forget that and start taking your teammate for granted.  He and I both actually needed a little break and this evening was so refreshing to be around him and the kids.  We really are a loving family with awesome kids and I really am blessed beyond measure.  I’m grateful for the Lord reminding me of that.  I heard a song in the car today by Casting Crowns called “Voice of Truth” that really spoke to me.  I am constantly feeling less than worthy and leaning on my own strength, and God just wants me to depend on Him and His love!

That’s all I have tonight…I’ll include the link to the song in case you want to hear it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuH1faTC22E

We are busy with Isaiah and Brianna playing soccer.  They have practices on opposite nights, so Monday through Thursday, Earl takes one of them to practice.  Then they have games on Saturdays.  So, we have been busy, busy, busy…and by WE, I mean EARL-LOL!

I love you all and will continue to pray for your needs as well as our own!

I am amazed by this man daily…

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One thought on “Kathy’s Journey- Spiritual and Physical #3

  1. ok, for some reason i just love the statement being chronically ill is not an easy thing to do. what a terrific twist of perspective! because of course it isn't easy, but i'd never tho't of it as something you do, does that make sense or am i just rambling to myself here? 🙂 thank you for sharing your day to day trials and triumpsh and as always, for being real and unplugged. hoping for healing soon sweet friend! 🙂 love you bunches and bunches, and your fam too! 🙂


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