Kathy’s Journey-Physical and Spiritual- #2

September 9, 2010

Well, I’m excited to say that last night was my last overnight stay at the hospital for IV chemotherapy!  It’s been a long month and we’ve had amazing help from friends to help us get through it!  We’ve had meals delivered, the house cleaned, and my in-laws here for a week to help out.  I continue to be amazed daily at how God shows His love for us through His people.  I even had a special friend send gift certificates from North Carolina for Molly Maid and Dinners Done Right…how incredible is that?!

Today, Earl placed an incredible ring on my finger that replaced my former wedding ring.  Some people are sentimental about their original ring…I am not one of those people!  I don’t want to brag or be obnoxious, so if you want details about it-send me an email-LOL!

I know that all of you know I can’t possibly stay in the positive all the time-and I don’t.  Sometimes I get discouraged or anxious about the future.  I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t!  However, each time, I’m encouraged by a song or verse someone posts on facebook and am reminded that God has used this situation for such amazing good in my life that I can’t possibly stay focused on the negative.  I just take a Vicadin and lay down, and all is better in awhile-LOL! 😛

The plan for my treatment now is to continue Prednisone for at least 6 months (boo!) and to start a chemotherapy pill called Methotrexate.  We’re starting a low-dose weekly, and if my lab work stays the same or starts to get worse, she’ll increase the dose or change to the subcutaneous injection…which I can give myself, being the RN that I am.  We also found out that we qualify  for respite care services from the Army, which is great because Earl returns to work next week.  My respite care worker will take me to get groceries and help with things around the house to help give Earl a break.  I’m glad that there’s something I can do to help him out, because right now he pretty much does everything for all of us.  I told him it’s like I’m deployed now and he’s the single parent!  However, we have each other’s company, and that is priceless.

As I shared in my last blog, I’m reading my Bible daily and praying more than I ever have before.  Many of you are on my prayer list…and if you’re not sure if you are, let me know and I’ll add you!  I am so in love with God and His Trinity, and I’m so in love with people too.  Everyone I look at has a story to be told…and I am much less judgmental of people when we’re out and about.  It’s kind-of funny though…people have always stared at our family-trying to figure out how we fit together.  Now that I’m in a wheelchair, they are REALLY trying to figure us out!

Anyway, my rambling for tonight is done…as always, I love you all and hope you’re doing incredibly well!

2 thoughts on “Kathy’s Journey-Physical and Spiritual- #2

  1. don't ever, ever call it rambling my dear! since i am also a real blogger, i do appreciate that you shared a bit of the real that is negative. but you are so CUTE and SPARKLY and FUN and FULL OF ABSOLUTELY EXUBERANT, ON FIRE FAITH, i wholeheartedly believe that you truly do OUTSHINE the gray skies that threaten to cloud your days. THANKS TO YOU for sharing real life. you have a fab hubby and family and you, my dear, are simply PRICELESS. 🙂 love you sooooooo much. 🙂 that ring is gorgeous. i saw the fb pics!!!! 🙂


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