Deployment Journal/Blog Week 45

Oh my gosh, have I really gone 25 weeks without a blog?! Yes, I know you’ve all been barely making it through your day without a long, drawn-out story from me, so I decided to pick up my old habit these last few weeks before Earl comes home.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged at all this year, I’ll tell you. I’M LAZY!!! It takes time and a little effort to blog, although I set my standards too high I’m sure. Most people write a short ditty and post some pics, but I feel compelled to write a story fit for a magazine article and that is probably my problem. Instead of keeping people generally informed about our lives, I just skip it altogether. This “all or nothing” mentality is generally the way I live my life, and probably why I haven’t lost these last 15 pounds 🙂

I don’t have much to say…my facebook statuses and photo albums have probably kept those of you who care updated enough, so I wanted to include a few of Isaiah’s funnier one-liners from the past few months. These are funnier when you hear them, because of the emphasis he places on certain words, but hopefully you catch their drift and they make you smile.

1. He was waiting for me to start a show for him and instead I was checking facebook (shocking, I know), so he leans over the couch and says, “Mom, does it LOOK like you’re starting a show for me? I don’t think so!”

I guess I should also clarify that many of these border on disrespect…which makes them even funnier from a 3 year old. Don’t worry, I’m sure he was corrected if he was out of line 😛

2. After an accident right by the toilet, I was cleaning up his urine and he says with a very serious tone, “Mom, this is a bad situation.”

3. When I corrected him at our friend’s house, “Mom, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to Miss Shamira.” (OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!)

4. When Earl was home for R and R, we went to Red Robin and Earl says, “How about you eat your pizza so you can have a milkshake.” Isaiah responds like an expert negotiator, “How ’bout this? How ’bout I don’t eat any of my pizza and I STILL get my milkshake.”

Maybe these aren’t too funny to some people, but I loved them enough that I wrote them down in my little “mom journal.”

I’m packing up myself, the 3 kids and 2 dogs and driving 19 hours to San Diego this weekend, so I’d appreciate any and all prayers you can spare! We are visiting Earl’s parents and going to SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, the Birch Aquarium and the beach of course! We’re planning on making the last 28 days go as quickly as possible! We’ll be there 2 weeks and by the time I get home, unpack and clean the house, it will almost be time for him to be home!

I love you all and hope you’re doing well. Thanks so much for all your support and prayers!

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    • Anna Cole James I didn’t know Earl’s parents were in San Diego. We were there about a month ago. You’re doing great with those kids, Kathy!

      June 23, 2010 at 10:58pm · LikeUnlike
    • Celina White James I loved every bit of this blog post and am happy you shared it!! I am right there with you about making each blog post ‘perfect’; I speak to this characteristic of mine on my fb bio. Lol! Enjoy your trip to San Diego.

      June 23, 2010 at 11:50pm via mobile · LikeUnlike
    • Shamira L. Blockmon I ♥ that lil guy! He is so funny.

      June 23, 2010 at 11:59pm · LikeUnlike
    • Kathy James Morris Dad says: HILARIOUS!!!! My friends still quote the Red Robin Story. M4 (My Main Man Money) is a legend amongst those who know of him in 1-37 FA. Love you baby 26 to go!!! Mini Me is a Trip

      June 24, 2010 at 12:38am · LikeUnlike
    • Beth James Demorest LOL! Seriously, I think you should be asking for prayers for the teenage years in your house =) so cute!! You def. earn the single parent of the year award for packing up and driving 19 hours by yourself!!! We will be praying for you all! (think its ironic that you don’t have a strong voice so you won’t be able to scream at your kids while you are driving??)

      June 24, 2010 at 9:19am · LikeUnlike
    • Nancy Bair Henard Johnson Kathy, I have so missed your blogs and got so excited when I saw that you had posted one. Hope the long trip to San Diego goes well. Hope you have some DVD players to keep the kids occupied. Be safe and enjoy your vacation.

      June 24, 2010 at 4:01pm · LikeUnlike
    • Julia E. Clay-Hamm

      I am SO glad you and the kids………and the dogs……..are here with us! For those of you not familiar with San Diego weather, we have what is called “June Gloom”, no sun for nearly the whole month(forecasts is for sunny and warm on July 1st!). Makes beach time not to great, but the Zoo was awesome! And I’m sure the best is yet to come! Isaiah….flashbacks from when his father was that age! Hat’s off to you Kathy!! LOL
      See More

      June 30, 2010 at 2:31pm · LikeUnlike
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