Deployment Journal/Blog Week 4

So, if many of you have read my posts or blogs on here, you’ve heard me talk about “the irony of life.” Some would refer to this irony as fate or Murphy’s law. Whatever you want to call it, I would like to give you an example of this irony in my life as it pertains to my “precious” dogs.

I’ve always loved animals and my mom allowed us to have a variety of them growing up, such as mole turtles, hamsters, gerbils, dogs, cats and even birds. So, I have always believed that having animals is a fundamental part of childhood. My husband never did have animals growing up, so he has always fought me on letting any join our family. So, it was a near miracle to have our two dogs, Foxie and Princess join our family.

Princess has had issues with being housebroken and with jumping up on the table to forage for food and for a year and a half, we’ve tolerated many, MANY accidents on rug after rug, carpet after carpet. After Earl left for Iraq, I was feeling overwhelmed by my responsiblities and decided maybe she should find a new home. I found a rescue that would keep her while they found the best home for her, so off she went. Well, guilt is one of my best friends, and would not leave me alone after she left. Also, I missed the little piss-pot(Earl’s favorite nick-name for her) terribly. She is a very good snuggler, after all. So, a week later we picked her up from the rescue and brought her back home. So, now for the irony.

Foxie has always been a great dog-loyal, protective, HOUSEBROKEN, etc. Since Princess has returned-who is annoying me now? FOXIE!!! She peed on the rug, growled at me when I tried to put her in her kennel, grabbed food off the table twice and then today threw up SEVEN times!! I’m sure the puking is involuntary and may have something to do with something she ate in the yard or house, but still, I can’t help but feel like maybe she hates me now and is acting out!

Can someone throw me a bone here (pun totally intended)!?!? Am I the worst dog owner in history? How did my mom do it? How did she raise 3 kids and let us have all those animals? I mean, at least your kids are your flesh and blood, communicate, are cute…etc. These dogs have no idea…

Now, wait…before one of you picks up the phone to dial PETA, just know that they are well-loved, well-fed and well-taken care of. I just may need a few pointers when it comes to the actual training side of pet ownership.

I hope none of you feel cheated that week 4 is entirely about animals, but they are part of my life, and thus part of my deployment journal 🙂

I posted lots of videos from the kids soccer practices-I see many hours of sports-viewing in my future! They both love it and appear to be somewhat of natural athletes. I have fun helping with Isaiah’s half-hour practice, and then catching the last 30 minutes of Brianna’s. I meant what I posted about these bad kids though…if my son gets pulled down or tackled one more time….

One more thing before I close-Earl is moving Friday to a different FOB(Foward Operating Base). His mission in Iraq has changed and so he will have a new address for packages and letters to be sent to. I will post this as soon as I know it! By the way, he DID receive the package that was a major issue in my first journal entry, so someone’s behind is safe from my jaws of terror 🙂

I love you all and hope you’re doing well. The girls have their first day of school in the morning and could hardly lay still in bed b/c they’re so excited! I will post pics of them soon!

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  • Jennifer Taylor likes this.
    • praying for you kathy and definitely earl as well!

      September 9, 2009 at 1:54am · LikeUnlike
    • u poor thing…

      September 9, 2009 at 12:35pm · LikeUnlike
    • Beth James Demorest

      i think the trick is to get a dog who is already house trained and then make them live in the garage and the great outdoors! we love boca and he has been such a great fit for our family. joy thinks I should let him come inside (maybe I will this winter) but for now he seems totally content curled up in my laundry room for naps (to be close to us) or sleeping at night in his kennel. the trick is that he has his shock collar on and can come and go in and out of the garage whenever he wants…he loves it and it seems there are always kids coming by to play with him. Do you have the option of having your dogs outside at all? also, do they eat at the same time everyday so that they have a schedule? you know I am all about schedules even with a dog!!

      seriously, i have no advice since i have only had a dog for 3 weeks… but I am sorry that you are having issues. keep your head up.See More

      September 14, 2009 at 1:54pm · LikeUnlike
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