Deployment Journal/Blog Week 1

So, I was recently inspired to start a blog (thank you Laura) so that everyone who cares (my mom) can keep up to date with how the Morris family is doing while Earl is in Iraq. This isn’t going to be exciting, mostly informative and hopefully occasionally humorous, but it will let you in on my little world on Concord St in Washington. Some of you, after reading this entry, will decide to delete me as a friend and never talk to me again, because you thought I was perfect, but I won’t let that deter me from telling the truth.

This first week was a hard one-due to the fact that our Qwest internet service has been dropping approximately every two minutes. You can see that for someone like me, who has no social life and sits on the computer all day, this is disastrous! So, after 6-7 tearful phone calls to Qwest, I now have a new modem, 6 months free internet and am on blood-pressure medication indefinately.

With the Qwest issue supposedly resolved( I’m keeping my eye on you Qwest…we have a long way to go in our relationship for me to trust you again), I thought this week was going to go much better. I’m not so sure now…I was super excited and proud of myself for getting a package together, and getting dressed, and loading the kids in the car, and going to the post office and mailing Earl his FIRST PACKAGE!!! Then I get home and have an email from our FRG (Family Readiness Group) leader saying not to mail anything yet because the address they gave us is wrong. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!
As you can see, Mama Morris is not happy. I should have just stayed on Facebook playing FarmTown, instead of getting out there and getting stuff done. Ah, the irony of life that kills me a little more each day.

So, I’m back on the phone with another person having another tearful conversation. For those of you wondering, crying happens frequently in my life…I’ve learned to accept it and hopefully you can too.
So, we’ll see about Earl’s package; it’s out of my hands now. All I can say is, thanks to the moron who handed out a bogus address to hundreds of spouses and families without double checking it; this glass of wine and cold compress is for you!

I guess it hasn’t been ALL bad…I did manage to take the kids to the zoo, meet some new neighbors and get up for church on time! So, that’s a little recap on my end of this first week by myself, hope you feel more informed. Stay tuned for more in a week-give or take a day!Spending time with my man before he leaves…what a hottie!

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